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1. Government money appropriated for art in the 1930’s made possible hundreds of murals and statues still admiration in small towns all over the Unites States.

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2. Rice, which it still forms the staple diet of much of the world’s population,grows best in hot , wet lands.

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3. Because of its vast tracts of virtually uninhabited northern forest, Canada has one of the lowest population density in the world.

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4. Composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein Ⅱ brought to the musical Oklahoma! extensive musical and theatrical backgrounds as well as familiar with the traditional forms of operetta and musical comedy.

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5. Located in Canada, the Columbia Ice field covers area of 120 square miles and is 3,30 feet thick in some places .

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6. Electric lamps came into widespread use during the early 1900’s and have replaced other type of fat, gas, or oil lamps for almost every purpose.

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7. A seismograph records oscillation of the ground caused by seismic waves, vibrations that travel from its point of origin through the Earth or along its surface.

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8. Comparative anatomy is concerned to the structural differences among animal forms .

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9. Although pure diamond is colorless and transparent, when contaminated with other material it may appear in various color , ranging from pastels to opaque black.

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10. In the early twentieth century, there was considerable interesting among sociologists in the fact that in the United States the family was losing its traditional roles .

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11. A landmark famous , the Brooklyn Bridge in New Yolk was one of the first woven wire cable suspension bridges ever constructed .

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12. hanges within the chemist structure of single genes may be induced by exposure to radiation and extreme temperatures.

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13. Most bats roost in crevices, caves, or building by day and are active at night or twilight.

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14. Wildlife photographers are involved of a new government project to docum the 50 most endangered species in the United States.

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15. The Architectural History Foundation was established in 1977 to support the publication of important book on architecture.

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16. Ludmilla Turkevich, known as a translator and scholar in the field of Russian literature, she became a member of the faculty of Princeton University during the Second World War.

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17. For more eighty years, scientists have argued over whether life exists on the planet Mars.

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18. The Bollingen Prize in poetry established of the Bollingen Foundation, is a $1,000 award for the year’s highest achievement in poetry in the United States.

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19. Beyond their importance as a source of food for both people and animals, corn is also used to produce alcohol- based fuels.

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20. Some of the first aerial photographs were taken from a balloon while the Civil War in the United States.

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21. Being chemical compounds, minerals have characteristic shapes and colors, whereas do rocks not .

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22. The elephant relies more on its sense of smell than for any other sense .

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23. Because the diamond is the hardest naturally substance, it is used in industry for to cut , grinding, and boring other hard materials.

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24. In the late nineteenth century, journalist and publisher William Randolph Hearst established a vast publishing empire that included Eighteen newspapers in twelve city .

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25. According to modern astronomers, the space between the planets and stars is not empty; rather he is filled with something called dark matter.

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