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1. Many of species of milkweed are among the most dangerous of poisonous plants , while others have little , if any, toxicity.

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2. Humans do not constitute the only species endowed with intelligence: the higher animals also have considerably problem-solving abilities.

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3. The globe artichoke was known as a delicacy at least 2,500 years ago , and records of its cultivation date from fifteenth century.

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4. While the process of photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and organic compounds.

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5. The mechanism of human thought and recall, a subject only partly understood by scientists , is extraordinary complicated.

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6. At first the poems of E.E. Cummings gained notoriety to their idiosyncratic punctuation and typography, but they have gradually been recognized for their lyric power as well.

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7. The carbon-are lamp, a very bright electric lamp used for spotlights, consists of two carbon electrodes with a high-current arc passing between it .

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8. Cheese may be hard or soft, depending on the amount of water left into it and the character of the cuting.

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9. The lemur is an unusual animal belonging to the same order than mon’s and apes

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10. Political parties in the United States help to coordinate the campaigns of their members and organizes the statewide and nationa conventions that mark election years .

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11. The sounds used in human languages to create meaning consist of small variation in air pressure can be sensed by the ear.

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12. The piano is a stringed musical instrument in which the strings are strike by felt-covered hammers controlled by a board.

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13. Photograph was revolutionized in 1851 by the introduction of the collodion process for making glass negatives.

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14. Ice crystals in a glacier tends to melt and recrystallize within a brief moment of travel on a downhill glide.

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15. Among the symptoms of measles, which takes about twelve days to incubate, are a high fever, swelling of glands in the neck, a cough, and sensitive to light.

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16. Originally canoes were made by the hollowing out of logs and used were for combat as well as transport.

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17. Native to South America and cultivated there for thousands of years, the peanut is said to have introduced to North America by early explorers.

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18. There are as many as 200 million insects for every human beings , and in fact their total number exceeds that of all other animals taken together.

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19. Onyx is a mineral that can be recognized its regular and straight parallel bands of white, black, or brown.

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20. The law of biogenesis is the principle what all living organisms are derived from a parent or parents .

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21. Guitarlike instruments have exist since ancient times, but the first written mention of the guitar itself is from the fourteenth century.

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22. The eighteenth century witnessed the emergence of North American ports, particular Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, as major commercial centers within the British empire.

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23. In the early 1900’s, Roy Harris created and promoted a distinctly American style of classical music and greatly influenced a number of composer in the United States.

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24. In the orbit of a planet around the Sun, the point closest to the Sun is called it the perihelion.

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25. The pear tree has simple , oval leaves that are smoother and shinier than them of the apple.

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