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1. Although not abundant in nature, zinc is important for both the galvanization of iron and the preparation of alloys as such brass and German silver.

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2. Scientists estimate that as many as hundred millions visible meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day .

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3. Manganese does not exist naturally in a pure state because it reacts so easily with other element .

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4. Large bodies of water and the prevalence of moisture- bearing winds often produce a condition of tall humidity , affecting the local weather.

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5. Lucretia Mott’s influence was too significant that she has been credited by some authorities as the originator of feminism in the United States.

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6. Like some other running birds, the sanderling lacks a back toe and has a three-toed feet.

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7. Since peach trees bloom very early in the season , they are in danger for spring frosts .

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8. Swans, noted for graceful movements in the water, have been the subject of many poetry , fairy tales, legends, and musical compositions.

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9. All matter resists any change in their condition of rest or of motion .

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10. Nature not only gave the Middle Atlantic region fine harbors, however endowed it with a first-class system of inland waterways.

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11. The Cubist movement in art was a reaction against traditional methods of portray reality .

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12. Criminal contempt, committed in the presence of the court, may consist of disorderly behavior, disrespectful , or disobedience of a judge’s orders.

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13. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman medical doctor in the United States, founded the New York Infirmary, an institution that have always had a completely female medical staff .

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14. Noise is a psychological term referring toward unpleasant, unwanted , or intolerable sound .

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15. Moles are almost completely blind, although its tiny eyes can distinguish light from dark.

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16. Duke Ellington’s orchestra, playing his original compositions and arrangements, achieving a fine unity of style and made numerous innovations in modern jazz.

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17. James Whistler was indifferent to the titles of his painted and even changed the names of some works years after their completion.

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18. The most significant cosmological characteristic of the galaxies are the red shift in their optical spectra.

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19. The expansion of adult training programs has resulted partially from the feminist movement, which encouraging women to improve their skills for the job market.

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20. All birds , alike most reptiles and a few primitive mammals, develop from embryos in eggs outside the mother’s body.

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21. The United States Department of Agriculture supervises the quality, clean , and purity of meat .

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22. Not only do artificial reefs provide fish with food and shelter, they also serve as importantly underwater landmarks.

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23. Benjamin Franklin made the first bifocal spectacles for self by sawing the lenses of his eyeglasses in half .

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24. For centuries large communities of people have living on houseboats in parts of the world where the climate is warm and the waters are calm .

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25. Sociological studies have found that deeply hold values and principles are highly resistant to change.

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