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1. Salmon spend most of their adult lives in salt water, despite they return to their freshwater birthplaces to spawn and die.

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2. Employments agencies bring together persons qualified for specific jobs and employers who have those jobs available .

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3. In the United States, sleds for recreation were first produced commercial in the 1870’s or thereabouts.

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4. Even before the human organism developed into their present stage of home sapiens, the beginnings of culture were already evident.

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5. Dams vary in size from small rock barriers to concrete structures many feet height .

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6. The age of a geological sample can be estimated from the ratio of radioactive to nonradioactive carbon present in the object is examined .

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7. Many of the science fiction publications by Ray Bradbury display a desire to rebel against society’s depend on machines.

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8. The attorney general of the United States advises the President on any questions of law who may arise in the conduct of administrative affairs .

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9. Proteins form the most of the structure of the body and also act as enzymes.

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10. For centuries waterwheels were the only sources of power aside from human and animal strong .

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11. Accounting is described as art of classifying, recording , and reporting significant financial events

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12. In proportion to its size, the hungriest animal is the shrew, which must consume several times their own weight every day.

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13. The poetry of e.e. cummings illustrates the way in which some poets bend grammatical rules as they strive to expression their insights.

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14. Atrophy is a decrease in size of a cell, organ, tissues , or other part of the body such as a limb.

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15. A microphone enables a soft tone to be amplified , thus making it possible the gentle renditions of romantic love songs in a large hall.

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16. Christopher Plummer is a Canadian actor who has starred in stage , television, and film productions on both sides the Atlantic Ocean.

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17. A white oak at Rutgers University is said to had been the inspiration for Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees”.

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18. The purposeful of the elementary school is to introduce children to the skills, information , and attitudes necessary for a smooth adjustment to society.

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19. Like all ecological systems, a forest is made up of a living environment and a nonliving environment, the latter composed of air, rocks, soiled , and water.

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20. A severe illness where she was just nineteen months old deprived Helen Keller of both her sight and hearing.

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21. To stay warm in cold weather, cold-blooded animals must expose itself to a source of warmth such as direct sunlight.

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22. Some insects hear ultrasonic sounds more than two octaves than higher humans can.

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23. A few naturally elements exist in such small amounts that they are known mainly from laboratory-made samples .

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24. The elephant relies more on its sense of smell than for any other sense .

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25. The culinary expert Fannie Farmer taught dietetics, kitchen management, and to cook at her famous Boston school.

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