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1. 40. Realistic novels , in trying to present life as it actually is, have written many works that are notable for their artistry of style.

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2. Butte, Montana, had built above large deposits of silver, gold, and copper and became known as “the richest hill on Earth.”

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3. The chorus plays a large part in any oratorio, linking areas were sung by soloists with segments of choral music.

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4. Algae have been an extremely important link in the food chain after the beginning of life on Earth as we know it.

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5. The social games of children help to prepare themselves for their adult roles .

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6. In the United States, Maryland ranks second only to Virginia as a oyster- producing state.

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7. Jeanette Rankin, pacifist and lifetime crusader for social and electoral reform, was the first woman to be a membership of the United States Congress.

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8. Rice adapt better than other grain crops to areas with unfavorable saline, alkaline, or acid sulfate soils.

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9. Good dental hygiene and a proper diet are necessary for the maintain of sound teeth.

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10. Marian Anderson, in addition to gaining fame as a concert soloist , also served as a United States delegates to the United Nations.

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11. Almost all human activity alters water quality somewhat , but not necessity as a result of pollution by human materials.

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12. An electromagnet is a device which magnetism is produced by an electric magnet .

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13. In 1973 and 1974 Dr. Sylvia Mead was selected chief scientist and aquanaut for diving projects involved the underwater laboratory Hydrolab.

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14. Stars differ fundamental from planets in that they are self-luminous whereas planets shine by reflected light.

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15. As the late 1940’s, Jackson Pollock’s art has been considered the pivotal manifestation of Abstract Expressionism, as his form of it is known .

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16. The Rodeo Association of America, formed in 1929, set up a system points for determining the national rodeo champions.

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17. The development of the boiler is closely related to those of the steam engine, to which it is a necessary adjunct .

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18. During dives that may reach depths of almost 5,000 feet, an elephant seal can holds its breath for an hour or more.

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19. The element bromine is not found in nature in the free state because of their strong tendency to take up electrons and form compounds.

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20. One of the s to the survival of any animal is its ability adapts to changes in the environment.

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21. Saccharin is about 300 times as sweeter as table sugar but has no carbohydrates and no food value .

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22. Singer, comedienne, and creating of the radio character Baby Snooks, Fanny Buice had an engaging personality that delighted audiences for nearly half a century.

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23. Some comets are visibly to the unaided eye, but only for several months, when they pass closest to the Sun.

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24. The theater is perhaps the most complex of the arts, requiring a number large of people for a play’s performance.

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25. The architect rural style of Mannerism used unbalanced proportions nor arbitrary arrangements of decoration .

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