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1. A common use with gold in the nineteenth century was as a standard for the value of money.

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2. Fungi are important in the process of decay, which returns ingredients to the soil, enhances soil fertility, and decompose animal debris.

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3. Researchers at the University of Colorado are investigating a series of indicators that A B could help themselves to predict earthquakes.

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4. Classicism as a doctrine seeks what is universally truth and good.

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5. A good exercise program helps teach people to avoid the habits that might shorten the lives.

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6. A principle of manager is to ensure that every action or decision achieves a carefully planned goal.

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7. How Native Americans developed corn is a puzzling , for no wild corn has ever been discovered, and it grows only where people plant and tend it.

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8. Jackie Mclean’s recordings have shown that he is one of the few jazz musicians who style A B of playing has kept pace with the evolution of modern jazz.

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9. According to cognitive theories of emotion, anger occurs when individuals believe that A they have been harmed and that the harm was either avoidable and undeserved.

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10. Pewter, a metal with an ancient heritage , is still practical medium for the nonprofessional metalworker.

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11. The field of dynamics in physics is concerned with a particle’s motion in relation to the forces acting it .

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12. Although it is any longer the big business that it was in the forties, radio continues to be a medium of essential communication, especially at the local level .

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13. Farm animals have been regardless by nearly all societies as a valuable economic resource .

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14. The most easiest process for mining gold is panning, which involves using a circular dish with a small pocket at the bottom .

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15. Industrial buyers are responsible for supplying the goods and services that an organization required for its operations.

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16. Alike light waves , microwaves may be reflected and concentrated .

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17. Reptiles are widely distributed all over the world, but are much abundant in warm regions and are virtually absent beyond the treeline in the Arctic.

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18. The Statue of Liberty was originally proposed in 1865 to commemoration the alliance of France with the American colonies during the American Revolution.

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19. Translated into terms of psychological theory, association has been thought of as the basis of to learn , conditioning, and creative thinking.

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20. On May 20,1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

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21. Meadowlarks are about the same size than robins, but they have heavier bodies, shorter tails, and longer bills .

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22. The scientific revolution of the early 1900’s affected education by change the nature of technology .

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23. Many people who live in New York City thinks that life in a large city offers special advantages.

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24. The Ranger spacecraft it provided more than 17,000 pictures of the moon.

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25. The boiled point of any liquid is determined by the pressure of the surrounding gases.

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