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1. For the purposes of the fine and decorative arts, metals have been used either in their simple state and in uncomplicated alloys.

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2. Few substance on Earth equal the beauty of gemstones such as twinkling diamonds, green emeralds, red rubies, blue sapphires, and multicolored opals.

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3. A most useful tool for analyzing the elemental composition of fossils is the electron probe, a modify electron microscope.

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4. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 increased the territory of the United States by approximate 846,000 square miles, practically doubling the area of the United States.

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5. Some of the earliest mechanical devices were designed to raise water from streams for the irrigate of crops.

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6. By 1900 several prominent technical institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, fashioned its own educational offerings to meet the industrial needs of the United States.

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7. Astronauts receive extensive training to prepare themselves both physically and psychologically for complexity and rigor of a space mission.

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8. Taste buds, small sensory organ located on the tongue and palate, recognize four primary tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

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9. Tunas migrate long distances over all the world’s oceans and occupy tropical , temperate, and even some the cooler waters.

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10. The spice cinnamon and the drugs cascara and quinine all come from bark, the protective out layer of stems and roots of woody plants .

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11. In 1916, United States suffragist Alice Paul founded the National Woman’s Party, a political party dedicate to establishing equal rights for women.

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12. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that form cushions between tendons and bones and protect them while movement.

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13. Because its pitch cannot easily be altered, the oboe serves as the standard which by the symphony orchestra is tuned .

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14. Silicon chips are reliable and cheap to produce in large numbers and are used them in computers, calculators, programmed household appliances, and most electronic applications .

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15. Globally, the 1990’s stood out as the warmest decade for what we have weather records.

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16. Psychoanalysis is a form of therapy that attempts to eliminate conflict by alter the personality in a positive way.

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17. During the years he composed , Charles Ives was isolation from the music world; none of his major works was publicly performed.

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18. Modern digital synthesizers, based on microprocessors, are virtually unlimited in the number and range of musical sounds it can produce.

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19. The aim of the decorative arts is to beautiful our surroundings .

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20. The snapper, a large-headed fish with a long dorsal fin, is named to its characteristic way of suddenly shutting its mouth.

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21. Lake Superior, part of the United States-Canadian boundary , is a largest freshwater lake in the world .

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22. The sunflower, the official state flower of Kansas, and is widespread in the prairies of the western United States.

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23. Massive gains in computer speed, power, and reliably have been largely due to advances in silicon technologies and manufacturing processes.

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24. The major purpose of the United States Department of Education are to ensure equal educational opportunity for all and to improve the quality of education.

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25. The world’s water balance is regulated by the constant circulation of water in Liquid and vapor tom among the oceans, the atmospheric , and the land.

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