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1. Most traditional dances are made up of a prearranged series of steps and movements, but modern dancers are generally free to move as they choice .

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2. Proper city planning provides for the distribution of public utilities, public buildings, parks, and recreation centers , and for adequate and the inexpensive housing.

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3. Kangaroos use their long and powerful tails for balance themselves when sitting upright or jumping.

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4. Wampum, beads used as a form of exchange by some Native Americans, was made of bits of seashells cut, drill , and strung into belts.

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5. Marshes, wetland areas characterized by plant grassy growth, are distinguished from swamps, wetlands where trees grow.

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6. Some marine invertebrates, such as the sea urchin and the starfish, migrates from deep water to shallow during spring and early summer to spawn .

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7. Acrylic paints are either applied using a knife or diluted and spreading with a paintbrush.

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8. The Western world is beset with the range of problem that characterize mature , postindustrial societies .

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9. Despite the fact that lemurs are general nocturnal, the ring-tailed lemur travels by day in bands of four to twelve individuals.

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10. Copper was the first metallic used by humans and is second only to iron in its utility through the ages .

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11. Some nineteenth-century advocates for the emancipation of women in the United States were also activity in the Underground Railroad, helping to slaves escape.

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12. Herads of migrating caribou, members of the deer family are an important economically resource to Inuits and other Native Americans.

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13. Large, heavy draft horses were commonly used for labor farm in the United States before the introduction of tractors.

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14. In 1965 Rodolfo Gonzales has estab1ished an organization called the Crusade For Justice in Denver, Colorado.

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15. Gordon Parks composed wrote , and directed Martin, the classical ballet who Examines the meaning of the life of Martin Luther King.

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16. Northern Canada contains vast areas treeless of low vegetation known as tundra.

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17. Many scientists contributed to the development of television, whether no one person can be said to have invented it.

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18. In human beings the liver is the biggest glandular organ of his digestive system.

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19. Charles Monroe Schulz’s comic strip “Peanuts” is translated into 26 languages also has appeared in over 2,300 daily newspapers.

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20. Several comet are discovered each year, but very few of them are bright enough to be seen without the aid of magnification.

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21. Much theories have been developed concerning how people learn about cultures from the myths and legends passed down from one generation to another .

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22. In the nineteenth century, North American locomotives ran on hardwood fuel , which was inexpensive and plentiful in the time.

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23. The changes that occur in the life cycle of a butterfly or moth are probable the most striking examples of metamorphosis.

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24. Educator Helen Magill White was the first American woman to have earn the Ph.D. degree .

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25. The hind leg of the gerbil are particularly well adapted to leaping across its desert habitat.

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