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1. The Leyden jar was one of the earliest form of condensers invented to store an electrical charge.

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2. Wildlife conservationists say the cover that foliage provides for animals is equal in importance to the food supplying .

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3. In 1941 Orson Welles produced Citizen Kane a film noted for its technical brilliant , structural complexity, and Literate treatment of a controversial biographical subject.

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4. The diamond is the only gemstone composed with just one chemical element , carbon.

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5. Chied Joseph La Flesche, a vigorous Omaha leader, worked hardly to make his nation a proud and progressive one .

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6. The most safest way to watch a solar eclipse is for one to look at it in a mirror while wearing dark glasses.

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7. Despite resistance in some parts of Canada, the conversion to metric measurement have been said to be largely successful.

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8. Varieties of yellow grapes that have tender skin, rich flavor and high sugar content are especially suited with making raisins.

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9. In meteorology, either the formation of clouds and the precipitation of dew, rain, and snow are known as condensation.

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10. The newer kinds of seeds produce corn it has much greater food value than older kinds.

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11. The particles comprising a given cloud are continually changing , as new ones are added while others are taking away by moving air .

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12. The Great Potato Famine in Ireland in the 1840’s caused an unprecedented numbers of people from Ireland to immigrate to the United States.

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13. The United States National Labor Relations Board is authorized to investigation allegations of unfair labor practices on the part of either employers or employees.

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14. Because of various gift-giving holidays, most stores clothing in the United Sates do almost as much business in November and December as they do in the other ten months combined .

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15. A fever is caused which blood cells release proteins called pyrogens, raising the body’s temperature .

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16. After flax is washed, dry , beaten, and combed, fibers are obtained for use in making fabric.

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17. Photograph was revolutionized in 1831 by the introduction of the collodion process for making glass negatives.

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18. Gravitation keeps the Moon in orbit around Earth and the planets other of the solar system in orbit around the Sun.

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19. In 1860, more as 90 percent of the people of Indiana lived rural areas, with only a few cities having a population exceeding 10,000.

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20. The thirteen stripes of the United States flag represent the original thirteen states of the Union, which they all were once colonies of Britain.

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21. In 1908 Olive Campbell started writing down folk songs by rural people in the southern Appalachian mountains near hers home.

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22. The rapid grow of Boston during the mid-nineteenth century coincided with a large influx of European immigrants .

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23. The symptoms of neumonia, a lung infection, include high fever, chest pain, breathing difficult , and coughing.

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24. The flowering of African American talent in literature, music, and art in the 1920’s in New York City became to know as the Harlem Renaissance.

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25. A gene is a biological unit of information who directs the activity of a cell or organism during its lifetime.

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