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1. During her lifetime, Margaret Mead was internationally known as an authority on various literate and illiterate culture .

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2. Preceding the United Stated Naval Academy was founded in 1845, sailors were trained at sea .

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3. The fritillaries, one of the largest group of butterflies, are found not only in this country but in many other parts of the world as well .

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4. Some metal vary in resilience at different temperatures, becoming very brittle when cold .

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5. The American astronomer Gerard Kuiper discovered a satellite of Uranus, found Titan to have an atmosphere , and advanced theoretical of planetary formation.

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6. People have always fascinated by the parrot’s colorful feathers and its ability to mimic human speech .

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7. The domestic architecture of the Western world has responded to a number of cultural, geography and, social needs .

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8. William Jenriings Bryan was a Democratic nominee for the United States presidency third times, but he never won .

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9. Animals usually prepare for hibernation by eating large amounts of food to build out stored fat in their bodies .

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10. Exploitation of the powers of computers depend on one’s ability to load information into them .

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11. Beneath the surface of the ocean there lies a hidden world inhabit by plants and animals we rarely see .

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12. The Mobile River and its tributaries, which flow south to the Gulf of Mexico, form most important river system in Alabama.

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13. Regional geography examines, on a regional basis, the ways in which the people local interact with the environment of the area where they live.

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14. Endemic diseases are diseases that habitual infect only those persons living within certain geographical limits.

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15. Because it is often dependent of the conditions of crystallization, the composition of the minerals in a rock can be important in determining the rock's geologic history.

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16. By the end of the 1950"s, the suburban population of the United States totaled 60 million, approximately equivalence to the urban areas of the country.

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17. The Ashcan school of painting concentrated on ordinary --even ugly--city scenes, rendering they in straightforward, conventional styles that bordered occasionally on illustration.

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18. A Canadian Prime Minister must have the supportive of a majority of the members of the Houseof Commons to remain in office.

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19. The simplest polymers are created when pressure or heat causes small molecules alter slightly and link together in a long chain.

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20. There was at least 2,000 years ago that inhabitants of the Northwest Coast of North America first established trade mutes for obsidian.

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21. Abundant rainfall or irrigation is necessary during the early grow period of coffee, but dry conditions during ripening produce beans with the best flavor.

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22. Buses were developed at the beginning of the twentieth century to compete with streetcars by providing flexibility greater in routes.

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23. One of the most famous structures in the world, the Statue of Liberty is widely considered a inspiring symbol of hope and freedom .

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24. Stone tools began to be replaced around 6,000 years ago by metal tools, who were used to build instruments and simple machines.

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25. Reptiles are found on land and in water, but they cannot alive in frigid climates because the y need the Sun's warmth to give them energy.

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