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1. In the practice of Gestalt therapy, many attention is given to nonverbal aspects of behavior .

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2. Beverly Sills was a child radio star who became one of the world’s most dramatically gifted opera singer , making her debut at seventeen.

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3. Greenpeace, an international organization of environmental activists founded by Canadians, uses nonviolent means to protest and block activities it considers environmentally harm .

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4. Winter broccoli has large, white heads similar to those of cauliflower, whereas sprouting broccoli produces numerous small purplish, green, or white clump .

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5. Essential a nineteenth-century instrument, the calliope was usually played outdoors and was a part of fairs, holiday gatherings, and other such activities.

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6. Throughout the 1930’s,United States government patronage the arts was concentrated in the section of the Works Progress Administration known as Federal One.

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7. Specially bred varieties of lettuce can be grown in water containing dissolve nutritious rather than in soil.

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8. In its pure state aluminum is a weak metal, but when combined with e elements such as copper or magnesium, it is formed alloys of great strength .

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9. During the pre-Revolutionary period, the press in Britain’s North American colonies was subject to licensing laws similar to them of Great Britain itself.

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10. Carbohydrates, which include cellulose, sugary , and starches, are the most abundant class of organic substances found in nature .

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11. The domestic dog, considered to be the first tamed animal, is coexisting with human beings since the days of the cave dwellers .

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12. To produce one pound of honey, a colony of bees must fly a distance equals to twice around the world.

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13. Public recognition of Ben Shahn as a major American artistic began with a retrospective show of his work in 1948.

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14. The founding of the Boston Library in 1653 demonstrate the early North American colonists interest in books and libraries .

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15. The dromedary camel is raised especially to racing .

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16. One of the wildest and most inaccessible parts of the United States are the Everglades where wildlife is abundant and largely protected.

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17. The Moon, being much more nearer to the Earth than the Sun, is the principal cause of the tides .

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18. Vitamin A is essential to bone grow and to the healthiness of the skin and mucous membranes.

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19. Alaska’s rough climate and terrain divide the state into isolated regions , making highway maintenance difficulty

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20. The most useful way of looking at a map is not as a piece of papers , but as a record of geographically organized information.

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21. The primary function of a sonometer is to calculate and demonstrate the relations mathematical of melodious tones .

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22. Because of the rising cost of fuel , scientists are building automobile engines who will conserve gasoline but still run smoothly.

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23. Perspiration, the body’s built-in cooling mechanism occurs as a natural reaction to nervousness, intense heat, or vigorously exercise.

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24. The bison, know for the hump over its shoulders , is usually called a buffalo in North America.

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25. Porcelain is not a single clay, and a compound of kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, and silica.

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