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1. The Barnes Foundation in Merion, Pennsylvania, was chartered in 1922 to promotion art education by providing art classes and by establishing a publishing program.

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2. Jetties, piers designed to aid in marine navigation, are constructed primary of wood, stone , concrete, or combinations of these materials.

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3. Evidence from ancient fossils indicates the scorpion may had been among the first land animals.

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4. Some of sharpshooter Annie Oakley’s exploits with a gun are almost unbelievable when it comes to accuracy, speed of firing,and endure .

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5. The Milky Way galaxy includes the Sun, its planets, and rest of the solar system, along with billions of stars and other objects .

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6. In 1820 there were only 65 daily newspapers in the united states, which total daily circulation of perhaps 100,000.

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7. Many of the fine-grained varieties of sedimentary rocks known as shales yield oil when distilled by hot .

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8. Of every the major traditions of wood carving , the one that is closest in structure to the tree is the crest pole made by the Native Americans of the Northwest coast.

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9. The attraction of opposite charges is one of the force that keep electrons in orbit around of nucleus of an atom.

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10. In the eighteenth century, the Pawnees, descendants of the Nebraska culture, lived in villages sizeable on the Loup and Platte rivers in central Nebraska.

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11. Primitive humans probably did not deliberately cook food until long after they had learned to use fire for light and warm .

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12. Heat exhaustion is causing by excessive loss of body fluids and body salts.

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13. When canned using proper methods, food suffers no loss in vitamins or another nutritive elements.

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14. The Arts and Crafts Movement of the late nineteenth century strove to revitalizing handicrafts and applied arts during an era of increasing mass production .

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15. The first piloted balloon flight across the Atlantic Ocean took place at 1978.

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16. When study different cultures and societies, anthropologists often focus on marriage as a contractual agreement between different parties .

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17. Lightning tends to strike the nearest good conductor , and hence often strikes in same place more than once .

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18. Paleontologists have examined fossil embryos and hatchlings from three type of duck-billed dinosaurs to figure out how they matured.

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19. The conceptual of musical harmony is generally traced to the ninth century because it is first mentioned in treatises of that period.

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20. While models of automobiles date back as far as the late 1600’s, the 1880’s seen the first commercial interest in the vehicle.

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21. Candles may be made by repeatedly dipping wicks in tallow, by molding, nor by pouring melted wax over the wicks and rolling them into shape.

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22. As the highest-paid star of the silent screen, earning a reputedly income of $20, 000 a week, Gloria Swanson epitomized the glamour of Hollywood in the 1920’s.

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23. Protective behaviors of amphibians include hiding in the presence of danger and having coloration such closely matching the environment that the animal is not obvious.

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24. Titanium has the strength of steel but weighs half only as much, hence its advantage for use in aircraft .

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25. A children’s librarian often conducts story hours and other activities to help children enjoy herself while developing an interest in reading and the library’s resources.

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