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1. With more than half the world's annual yield of 50 million tons of soy beans, an important source of protein, is grown in the United States.

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2. By 1810 the 23 towns of Hampshire County, Massachusetts, had reached a remarkable uniform of economic development as well as population density.

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3. Animals have to cope with and control physical and chemical processes that do not necessarily act to benefit of the animal.

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4. Among the most complex crystals are that of silicon dioxide, which has seven different structures at various temperatures and pressures, the most common being quartz.

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5. Barium is a soft , heavy, silvery white metallic element that readily reacts with another elements to form useful compounds.

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6. Found in all oceans the various species of electric rays use the charge they can generate for both stunning prey or warding off predators.

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7. After the United States became independent, the cure of more fertile lands drew steadily New Englanders into the Ohio Valley and the British colony of Upper Canada.

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8. Seismic waves generated by an earthquake or large explosion can be recorded thousands of kilometer from their source.

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9. The work of Sarah Oarne Jewet, care-nineteenth- century writer, reflects a concern in the alienating consequence, of condustrialization and urbanization.

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10. Statistics indicate that approximate every 22 years-- within a range of 3 to 4 years--a major drought occurs in the United States.

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11. Electricity is the phenomenon associated with positively and negatively particles charged of matter at rest and in motion, either individually or in great numbers.

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12. Cameras of one type or another have been using for more than a hundred years.

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13. An activist for women’s rights , Leonora O’Reilly promoted women’s vocational training besides fought for increased wages for garment workers.

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14. The developed coutries of the world are using up valuable resources at a rate unprecedented human history.

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15. In films, optical printing can be combined with blue- screen photography for produce such special effects as characters seeming to fly through the air.

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16. The main attractive at Sequoia National Park is thirty- five groves of giant sequoias, the largest living things in the world .

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17. In the period between 1918 and 1939, various political, economic, and geographic factors combined in determine the extent to which a country developed civil aviation.

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18. Unique among bivalves, scallops swim extremely well , propelled by jets of water expelled while snapped the shell shut .

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19. It is believed that some dinosaurs were intelligent, ability to perform complex activities, and perhaps even capable of social behavior.

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20. All living things are made up of one or more cells, and each of these cells were produced by an already existing cell.

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21. Like Jupiter and Earth, Saturn is flattened at a poles.

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22. The chief commercial source of bromine is ocean water, from what the element is extracted by means of chemical replacement by chlorine.

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23. Although the term “corrosion” applies mostly to metals and particularly to their reaction to oxygen, all material are subject to surface deterioration .

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24. Inventor Elisha Graves Otis designed the first elevator that it incorporated an automatic brake, which in turn led to the development of the skyscraper.

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25. The Executive Mansion, constructed in the 1790’s and now popularly called the White House, is oldest public edifice in Washington,D.C.

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