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1. The typical Georgian-style house is rectangular in shape, at less two stories high, and designed around a central stairway.

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2. Pure flint is too hard and even-grained that it chips in smooth curved flakes.

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3. Today it is generally recognized as the primary function of the Federal Reserve System is to foster the flow of credit and money that will eventually facilitate a balance in international payments.

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4. The relationship of Latin American music to Black music in the United States is clearly evident in the unaccented beats that are common to either .

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5. If laid out in straight line, the human digestive tract would measure approximately thirty foot in length .

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6. Almanacs in simple form have been known from the invention of writing .

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7. Saint Elmo’s fire is a luminous blue discharge of electricity sometimes seen when a thunderstorm.

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8. Interest with major social events led to a period of growth in journalism after 1945.

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9. Liquid lubricants contrast widely in weighing , thickness, and boiling point.

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10. Principal known for his dictionary , Noah Webster was also the first epidimiologist in the United States.

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11. A glider is a type of aircraft resembling an airplane but often having not means of propulsion at all.

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12. Stars emit radio waves, which they may be detected and studied using radio telescopes.

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13. Compared with another breeds, quarter horses can start more quickly, turn more sharply, and run faster over short courses.

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14. Only the female and the worker wasps are equipped with a sting, which they use it to attack their prey or to protect themselves against enemies.

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15. With the ability produce and control fire, early humans could make heat and light and could cook foods that were difficult to eat raw .

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16. The Saint Lawrence River is young relatively by geological standards , as it was founded during the last ice age.

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17. The 1897 discover of gold in the Klondike hastened the commercial development of Washington State, as did the increasing trade with Pacific Islands.

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18. Four huge shield volcanoes have been observed on Mars, as well as a great number of small ones like found those on the Earth.

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19. The wide range of elevations in the southern Appalachian Mountains allows for the great diverse of plant life found there .

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20. Count Basie’s distinctive piano style and band arrangements of the late 1930’s earned his an important place in jazz history.

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21. One of the earliest strike in United States history occurred in 1740 when bakers refused to work until their wages were increased.

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22. The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones of difference size and shapes .

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23. Emily Dickinson unmistakenly fixed her own highly individually and revolutionary personality in her elliptical and provocative poems.

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24. People use muscles to make various movements, such as walk , jumping, or throwing .

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25. A major railroad junction in Illinois, Decatur has became an important commercial hub for the region’s farm products and livestock .

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