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1. The Petrified Forest of eastern Arizona are made up of tree trunks that were buried in mud,sand, or volcanic ash ages ago and have turned to stone .

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2. The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies that divides the waters flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from it flowing into the Pacific.

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3. The free silver movement, promoting unlimited silver coinage, gained prominent , in the late 1800’s.

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4. Will Rogers was widely recognized for his daily newspaper column, in which he humorously criticized and commented in the politics of his time.

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5. First incorporated in 1871, Dallas, Texas, had become the seventh largest cities in the United States by 1976.

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6. Although they are in different countries, Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan are close neighbors and cooperate on numerous matters of mutually interest .

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7. At night the desert floor radiates heat back into the atmosphere and the temperature may be drop to near freezing.

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8. The design of the University of Virginia came at the end of Thomas Jefferson’s long career as theoretician, statesman, and architecture .

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9. Seismology has not reached yet the stage where earthquakes can be foretold with a great deal of accuracy .

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10. Duke Ellington was the first person to compose extended jazz works and gives regular jazz concerts.

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11. A statue, a monumental , a building, or a park may be dedicated to commemorate a distinguished individual.

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12. The wild carrot, knew as Queen Anne’s lace, gave rise to the cultivated carrot in its domesticated form .

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13. In 1981 the fossil jaw of a previously unknown small mammal was found onto a Navaho reservation in Arizona.

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14. A patent gives inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for a fix period of time .

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15. Alike most fruit trees, the quince is normally propagated from shoots or cuttings.

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16. In mathematical terms , modern algebra is set of objects with rules for connecting or relating those objects.

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17. Watercolors dry more faster than other paints.

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18. A footnote is characteristically employed to give information that is too long or too detailed be included in the body of a text.

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19. It has not been determined how years sea turtles can live in their natural environment, but they will reach a very old age if left undisturbed by humans.

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20. Due to its excellent tensile strength, acetate rayon is an important material for products so as balloons, parachutes, fire hoses, and webbing.

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21. Harvesting of grains is affected by annual changes in temperature or in the amount of moisture, but both.

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22. Window treatment, furniture arrangement and color combine all contribute to the overall impression of a room .

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23. A great proportion of the seeds of desert flora they possess germination-inhibiting substances .

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24. Hurricanes are severe cyclones with winds over seventy-five miles an hour who originate over tropical ocean waters.

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25. The methods of spectrum analysis vary according to the wavelength region were studied .

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