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1. The origins of the Democratic party is often traced to the coalition formed behind Thomas Jefferson in the 1790’s to resist the policies of George Washington’s administration.

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2. Common to North America, those cinnamon fern is found in wet places .

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3. At birth, an infant exhibits a remarkable number of motor response .

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4. Because they are generally taken simply to obtain a recognizable and relatively clear image, most nonprofessional photographs demand few equipment.

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5. Behavior modification techniques work best with problems that manifest itself in overt actions .

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6. Anthropologists agree that our primitive ancestors who inhabited the tropics probably have natural protection against the sun.

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7. Instructors at the school of American Ballet first examine a young applicant’s instep to see whether it is pliant and shows promising of a good arch.

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8. When overall exports exceed imports , a country said to have a trade surplus.

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9. Gore Vidal has steadily pursue a literary career remarkable for its productivity, versatility, and unpredictability .

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10. In the United States, both the federal and state governments have laws designed to guard consumers against deceptive advertise .

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11. Metabolism consists of a complicated series of chemicals reactions carried out by living cells .

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12. A leading Canadian feminist and author, Nellie McClung, struggled relentlessly in the early twentieth century to win politically and legal rights for Canadian women.

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13. In an adult human, the skin weighs about seven pounds and covers it about thirty-six square feet.

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14. Quartz may be transparency , translucent, or opaque, and it may be colorless or colored .

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15. A thorough study of mythology requires familiarity for the properties of properties of plants and trees, and the habits of wild birds and beasts.

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16. A neutron star forms when a star much more massive than the Sun dies and e xploded .

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17. Of all the Native Americans in the United States, the Navajos from largest group.

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18. Historians have never reached some general agreement about the precise causes of the Civil War in the United States.

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19. The construction of sundials was considered to be an acceptable part of a student’s educator as late as the seventeenth century.

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20. Objects falling freely n a vacuum have the same rate of speed is regardless of differences in size and weight .

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21. Pathologists use their knowing of body tissues and body fluids to aid other physicians.

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22. Worker bees labor for the good of the hive by collecting food, caring for the young, and to expand the nest.

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23. Throughout history, shoes have been worn not only for protection and also for decoration.

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24. Inventor Granville Woods received him first patent on January 3, 1984, for a steam boiler furnace.

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25. Some art historians have say that too many artists have tried only to imitate previous painting styles.

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