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1. Great technical advances in aerial and satellite photography have been made since end of the Second World War.

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2. Pharmacist fill drug prescriptions, keeping recordings of the drugs their patients are taking to make sure that harmful combinations are not prescribed .

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3. Papier-mâché figures by Stephen Hensen, which they cheerfully depicted life in the Information Age, were the focus of an exhibit at the Museum of American History.

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4. Oscillation is a electronic function that changes direct current to the signal of desired frequency.

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5. Even as he wrote copiously on such diverse topic as educations, politics, and religion, Lewis Mumford remained active in city and regional planning.

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6. The ode was original a ceremonial poem written to celebrate public occasions or exalted subjects.

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7. The giant panda closely resembles the bear, but account of certain anatomical features it is placed in the raccoon family.

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8. Alaska’s vast areas of untamed wilderness attracts many people who enjoy the outdoors.

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9. Although flies live longest in cool temperatures, it breed prolifically when temperatures are warm, food is abundant , and humidity is moderate .

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10. Humus, a substance found in soil, is soft and spongy and enables plant roots to send out tiny hairs through that they absorb water and food.

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11. Transistors exhibit a high amplification factor, operate without distorted over a wide frequency range, and can be made extremely small .

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12. Independence political of newspapers became a common feature of journalism in the United States of the 1840’s and 1850’s.

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13. First reported by Spanish explorers in 1796, the asphalt in California’s La Brea Tar Pit was mined commercial for many years.

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14. Deciduous trees are those that shed all or nearly all of its leaves each year .

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15. Turbines provide power for a various of machines including electric generators and water pumps .

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16. Speed refers only toward the rate of motion without specifying any direction of motion .

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17. Eclecticism is the practice of mixing elements dissimilar in style in single work of art .

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18. The novel or short story are the literary forms most typically called fiction.

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19. Musical chords generally consist of three or four notes, which played at the same time.

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20. Nearly all qualities in the physical world can be expressed in terms of four fundamentally measurements: length, mass, time, and electrical charge.

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21. Sea turtle hatchlings sleep afloat at the surface of the water not adults tend to sleep far below the surface.

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22. Dreaming is a distinct and necessary part of sleeping, usually it characterized by the occurrence of rapid eye movement (REM).

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23. Before 1800 only a few small portable lamps had been making .

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24. The rhinoceros is known for its distinctive horns, which continue to growing throughout the Animal’s lifetime.

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25. A symphony orchestra conductor selects the repertoire, interprets the music , and directed the musicians during rehearsals.

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