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1. While the twentieth century, the field of dentistry has developed braches that specialize in the treatment of individual dental problems

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2. Certain zoologists regard crows and ravens are the most intelligent of birds .

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3. Many television newscasters make the public an eyewitness to the news by means of on-the-spot, alive reports.

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4. The Millicent Rogers Museum houses five thousands pieces of Hispanic and American India jewelry, textiles, and other objects documenting the vibrancy of these cultures .

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5. The development of photographic techniques and equipment provided an important aid to industry, medical , and research.

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6. Dams are used to control flooding, provide water for irrigation , and generating electricity for the surrounding area .

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7. Although fluorine tests and x-ray analyses, archaeologists can prove the validity of artifacts.

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8. Mount Edith Cavell, a peak in the Canadian Rockies, is named after a famous nurses .

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9. North America has eight time zone , ranging from Newfoundland on the East Coast to Alaska on the West Coast.

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10. The novels of Pearl S. Buck show a keen understanding of China and Chinese people , knowledge which learned by living there for many years .

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11. In proportion to its size, the hungriest animal is the shrew, which must consume several times their own weight every day.

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12. Some psychologists believe that those who are encouraged to be independent, responsible ,and competent in childhood are likely more than others to become motivated to achieve

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13. In 1991 Antonia Novello, the United States Surgeon General launched several programs to address particular problem that young people have.

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14. The evolution of fishes is a history of constant adaptation to new possibilities, and a refined of these adaptations.

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15. When contented, and occasionally when hunger , cats frequently make a purring sound .

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16. The fragrant leaves of the laurel plant to sell commercially as bay leaves and are used for seasoning foods .

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17. Most countries depend to few extent on cereal imports to augment their own crops .

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18. Many poets enhance their work by creating a contrast among realism and symbolism in a given poem.

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19. Geologists find it useful to identification fossils in a rock sample because certain assemblages of species are characteristic of specific geologic time periods.

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20. The homes created by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright are still viewed as uniquely , innovative, and valuable.

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21. Because of the availability of trucks and easy access to modern highways, the locate of farms has become relatively unimportant with respect to their distance from markets.

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22. The aardvark is a mammal that burrows into the ground to catches ants and termites.

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23. In 1977 Kathleen Battle was hired by the New York Metropolitan Opera, Where her became the star soprano.

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24. The oxygen in the air we breathe has no tasted , smell, or color .

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25. Because of it consists only of a relatively short strand of DNA protected by a shell of protein, a virus cannot eat or reproduce by itself .

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