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1. The Mississippi, the longest river in the United States, begins as small clear stream in northwestern Minnesota.

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2. The nitrogen makes up over 78 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, the gaseous mass surrounding the planet.

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3. Electric motors range in size from the tiny mechanisms that operate sewing machine to the great engines in heavy locomotives .

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4. One inventor that Thomas Edison can take credit for is the light bulb .

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5. Jessamyn West’s first and most famous novel, The friendly Persuasion describes the life of a Quaker farmed family in the mid-1800’s.

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6. The strongly patriotic character of Charles Sangster’s poetry is credited about greatly furthering the cause of confederation in Canada.

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7. Any group that conducting its meeting using parliamentary rules will encounter situations where prescribed procedures cannot be applied.

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8. Carrie Chapman Call organized the League of Women Votes after successfully campaign for the constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote.

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9. Stars derive their energy from thermonuclear reactions that take place in their heat interiors.

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10. Some snakes have hollow teeth are called fangs that they use to poison their victims.

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11. Some seeds are viable, or capable of growing into healthy plants, for only a few days after fall from the parent tree.

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12. Most ocean waves are generated by wind current that agitate the water's surface .

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13. Paleoanthropologists examine fossil remains of extinct primates, while physical anthropologists concern with ethnology study the behavior of primates in their natural settings .

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14. In a eclipse of the Sun, the regions of umbra experience total eclipse and those of penumbra, partial eclipse.

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15. The college that became Harvard University, the oldest institution of higher learning at the United States, was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1636.

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16. Although have there been better singers and actresses than Ethel Waters, none typifies the rise from rags to riches more dramatically than she .

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17. The color and pageantry, keen rivalry , and high level of competition both contribute to the great worldwide interest in the Olympic Games.

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18. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States regulates the right of the government to search a citizen's personal and property.

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19. In the nineteenth century, moving from crowded Britain to relatively sparsely populated North America were seen by many British as an act of patriotism.

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20. The membrane surrounding a single-celled animal or plant or any individual cell in a multicellular organism is important in the respiratory and nutritionally processes of that cell.

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21. Initially introduced in 1852, the gyroscope consists a spinning device, usually in the form of a wheel, that exhibits strong angular momentum.

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22. Art Deed, a style of design popular in the 1920's and 1930's, was used primarily in furniture, jewel , textiles , and interior decoration.

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23. Electoral politics in the United States has been dominated by two political parties since the administer of George Washington.

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24. In the mid-1960's many artists began to working outdoors on a large scale , making the landscape rather than the studio their arena.

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25. The hermit crab, a crustacean that uses an empty shell as a portable refuge to cover its soft abdomen, changes shells as grows .

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