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1. The Montessori method of education stresses initiative and self-reliance to permitting pupils to pursue independently whatever interests them, but within disciplined limits.

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2. Genetic engineering is helping researchers unravel the mysteries of previously incurable diseases so that they can get to its root causes and find cures.

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3. Most authorities consider both dreaming while sleep and daydreaming to be forms of fantasy .

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4. Mathematical puzzles are common into history because they have been used a intelligence tests and amusements.

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5. Studies by B.F. Skinner indicate that reward positively reinforces behavior and makes that behavior likely more to recur.

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6. After the Boston Tea Party in 1773, coffeehouses in the North American colonies became centers for gossip, gamble , and political criticism.

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7. Because of its low cholesterol content, margarine is a widely used substitute from butter.

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8. Compare with the jagged estuaries of the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast seems almost uniformly straight.

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9. The novelist Shirley Hazzard is noted for the insight, poetic style, and sensitive she demonstrates in her works.

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10. Diplomatic negotiations generally take place in embassies or in the foreign offices of the countries which in ambassadors are accredited.

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11. Bacteria lived in the soil play a vital role in recycling the carbon and nitrogen needed by plants.

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12. In The Sociology of Science, now considered a classic, Robert Merton discusses cultural, economy and social forces that contributed to the development of modern science .

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13. If it is kept dry, a seed can still sprout up to forty years after their formation.

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14. The number 8.5 is an example of a “mixed number” because it is composing of an integer and a fraction.

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15. The Vermont Elememary Science Project, according to its founders, are designed to challenge some of the most widely held beliefs about teaching .

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16. The extraordinary beautiful of orchids makes them the basis of a multimillion dollar floral industry .

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17. The orangutan’s hands and feet are designed for holding and grasping branches, and its powerful immensely arms enable it to climb and swing in trees without difficulty .

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18. Light rays what enter the eye must be focused onto a point on the retina in order for a clear visual image to form .

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19. The Texas Panhandle region, in the northwestern part of the state, produces more wheat, cotton , and grain sorghum than any of other area of Texas.

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20. Since it lives in the desert, the collared lizard depends from insects for water as well as for food.

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21. Carnegie hall was the first building in New York designed special for orchestral music .

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22. A coral reef, a intricate aquatic community of plants and animals, is found only in warm , shallow, sunlit seas .

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23. To save the California condor from extinction, a group of federal, local, and privately organizations initiated a rescue program .

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24. None two butterflies have exactly the same design on their wings .

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25. Gone With the Wind, the epic novel about life in South during the Civil War period, took ten years write .

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