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1. Since the 1950’s, folk’ music has had a significant influence on many popular vocal and instrumental music.

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2. Each year millions of tons of fertile topsoil that could produce good crops washed away by rains.

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3. The Everglades, a large swamp area is an unique wilderness extending over much of southern Florida.

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4. Fluorine, a greenish-yellow gas that is slightly heavy than air is poisonous and corrosive and has a penetrating and disagreeable odor.

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5. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly to backwards .

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6. A bar code consists a pattern of lines and bars that a computer can translate into information .

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7. Murres are black-and-white driving birds that mate every five or six years and lay only a single egg at time .

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8. Instead of tooth , the blue whale has a row of bony plates in its mouth that functions as a food-collecting device.

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9. Naturalists have identified at least four hundred of species of mammals and six hundred types of birds in the state of California.

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10. In some areas of the United States, unfavorable climate or soil make farming an impossible task.

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11. Much of the significant research related for the theory of numbers concerns the distribution of prime numbers.

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12. Each major styles of architecture emerged because new problems in building or challenges in design appeared for architects to resolve .

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13. The Canadian province of British columbia is rich of minerals and, because over 50 percent of the land is covered with forests, lumbering is its major industry.

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14. Orchestrating musical works requires a understanding of the range and characteristics of each instrument.

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15. Slow growth in the early 1900’s, linked with rising unemployment, less spend , and meager business investments, led many experts to declare a recession.

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16. The superintendent of women nurse for the Union Army during the Civil War was Dorothea Dix .

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17. The modern detective story, in which a detective solves a crime by discovering and interpretation evidence, is considered to have originated with Edgar Allan Poe’s “ The Murders in the Rue Morgue” in 1841.

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18. Gemstones are usually bright, color , opaque or transparent minerals found in the rocks of the Earth .

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19. The Wright Brothers were owner of a bicycle shop, and they used a number of bicycle parts to make the original motorized airplane.

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20. Absolutely nothing that floats , neither a corked bottle nor a 50,000-ton ships , can escape the effects of water currents.

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21. The chippewa and Santee Sioux of the Upper Mississippi River regional have used catlinite to produce carvings for almost 150 years .

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22. Newborn infants show a distinct preference for human voices over other sounds and also prefer her own mothers’ voices to the voices of strangers.

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23. Hypoglycemia is a condition in which a rapidly drop in blood sugar most often results from an oversecretion of insulin from pancreas.

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24. Today’s farmers have increased milk production greatly through improved methods of breeding, feeding, and manage dairy cattle.

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25. Gold or silver bullions serve into commerce as mediums of exchange all over the world .

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