Đề 10: Đề thi toefl itp 25 câu sau

According to modern astronomers, the space between the planets and stars is not empty; rather he is filled with something called dark matter.


In the late nineteenth century, journalist and publisher William Randolph Hearst established a vast publishing empire that included Eighteen newspapers in twelve city.


Because the diamond is the hardest naturally substance, it is used in industry for to cut, grinding, and boring other hard materials.


Beyond their importance as a source of food for both people and animals, corn is also used to produce alcohol-based fuels.


The Bollingen Prize in poetry established of the Bollingen Foundation, is a $1,000 award for the year’s highest achievement in poetry in the United States.


For more eighty years, scientists have argued over whether life exists on the planet Mars.


Wildlife photographers are involved of a new government project to docum the 50 most endangered species in the United States.


Most bats roost in crevices, caves, or building by day and are active at night or twilight.


hanges within the chemist structure of single genes may be induced by exposure to radiation and extreme temperatures.


Comparative anatomy is concerned to the structural differences among animal forms.


A seismograph records oscillation of the ground caused by seismic waves, vibrations that travel from its point of origin through the Earth or along its surface.


Composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein Ⅱ brought to the musical Oklahoma! extensive musical and theatrical backgrounds as well as familiar with the traditional forms of operetta and musical comedy.


Being chemical compounds, minerals have characteristic shapes and colors, whereas do rocks not.


Some of the first aerial photographs were taken from a balloon while the Civil War in the United States.


Ludmilla Turkevich, known as a translator and scholar in the field of Russian literature, she became a member of the faculty of Princeton University during the Second World War.


The Architectural History Foundation was established in 1977 to support the publication of important book on architecture.


A landmark famous, the Brooklyn Bridge in New Yolk was one of the first woven wire cable suspension bridges ever constructed.


In the early twentieth century, there was considerable interesting among sociologists in the fact that in the United States the family was losing its traditional roles.


Although pure diamond is colorless and transparent, when contaminated with other material it may appear in various color, ranging from pastels to opaque black.


Electric lamps came into widespread use during the early 1900’s and have replaced other type of fat, gas, or oil lamps for almost every purpose.


Located in Canada, the Columbia Ice field covers area of 120 square miles and is 3,30 feet thick in some places.


Rice, which it still forms the staple diet of much of the world’s population,grows best in hot, wet lands.


Government money appropriated for art in the 1930’s made possible hundreds of murals and statues still admiration in small towns all over the Unites States.


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