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Cobalt resembles iron and nickel in tensile strength, appearance, —.


— who was the first Black woman to run for the office of President of the United States in1972.


— versatile performer, soprano Kathleen Battle has often concluded a program of art songs and arias with selections from ragtime or popular music.


Before starting on a sea voyage, prudent navigators learn the sea charts, —, and memorize lighthouse locations to prepare themselves for any conditions they might encounter.


— social nesting birds that build their nests in trees and on cliffs.


Plankton, —, is the basic foodstuff for everything that lives in the ocean.


The best-known diffuse nebula is the great Orion Nebula,— can be seen by the naked eye.


Of all the economically important plants, palms have been — .


Most amphibians hatch from eggs laid in water or moist ground, and begin life — water-dwelling larvae.


At the Seventh International Ballet Competitions, Fernando Bujones won the first gold medal ever — to a United States male dancer.


Founded around 1075, the Acoma pueblo is considered — settlement in the United States.


On March 1, 1867, — to the Union when President Andrew Johnson’s veto was overridden.


The best known of all the Arctic birds, — .


Nearly all trees contain a mix of polymers that can burn like petroleum — properly extracted.


Acute hearing helps most animals sense the approach of thunderstorms long before people — .


Emily Dickinson, one of the greatest poets of the United States, was entirely almost unknown to the people of her own time.


Charcoal is employed widely as a deodorizer because it absorbs gases good.


Abstract Expressionism was a movement in American painting that flourished from the mid-1940’s and mid 1950’s.


The National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City pay tribute to everyone associated with what Americans call the “Old West.”


Scientists can detect when someone is dreaming by using an electroencephalograph , A machine that registers difference brain waves in a sleeping individual.


The Obie Awards have been given annually for 1956 to outstanding artists in off-Broadway theater


The earliest soaps were made of many different kind of raw materials


Because geophysics embraces the concepts, data, and methods of variety other sciences, it is very board in scope, and its boundaries are hard to define.


A white oak at Rutgers University is said to had been the inspiration for Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees”.


Starfish move, feed, and breathes with their tube feet.


The Whitney Museum continues to reflect the diversity of the art of the United Stated in all of it acquisitions.


Despite the broad acclaim of him novels, James Baldwin is most highly respected as an essayist and social critic.


Along the East Coast, American India women’s councils could vote a declaration of war at refusing to supply moccasins and field rations.


In proportion to its size, the hungriest animal is the shrew, which must consume several times their own weight every day.


The novels of Pearl S. Buck show a keen understanding of China and Chinese people , A

knowledge which learned by living there for many years.


North America has eight time zone, ranging from Newfoundland on the East Coast to Alaska on the West Coast.


Historians believe that some forms of an advertising must be as old as barter and trade.


Although fluorine tests and x-ray analyses, archaeologists can prove the validity of artifacts.


Dams are used to control flooding, provide water for irrigation, and generating electricity for the surrounding area.


The development of photographic techniques and equipment provided an important aid to industry, medical, and research.


United States tennis championship Pancho Gonzales gained international acclaim for his strong serve.


Many television newscasters make the public an eyewitness to the news by means of on-the-spot, alive reports.


Certain zoologists regard crows and ravens are the most intelligent of birds.


While the twentieth century, the field of dentistry has developed braches that specialize in the treatment of individual dental problems


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