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1. Considered one of the most beautiful of the fine art , ballet is a combination of dance and mime performed to music.

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2. The musical tone of an electric guitar is created not by the resonance of the body of the guitar but by electronically amplification.

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3. The sensation of sound is produced how vibrations transmitted through the air strike the eardrum.

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4. Lucid dreaming, the ability dreamers to become aware of and to control their dreams while dreaming , is the focus of some current psychological research.

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5. The nectar of flowers are ingested by worker bees and converted to honey in special sacs in their digestive systems.

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6. Rodents dwell in various habitat , some species being aquatic, some terrestrial .

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7. Weighing among two to five kilograms in adults, the skin is the largest organ of the human body .

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8. Pythons differ than most other snakes by having two well developed lungs rather than a much smaller left lung or no left lung at all.

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9. Toward the end of his life, John Singer Sargent returned to the painting of landscapes and the use of watercolors, of which he excelled.

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10. A sponge feeds itself by drawing water through tiny pores on its surface , filtering out food particles, and then expel the water through larger vents.

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11. The decade of the 1920’s was significant in Georgia’s history because of the rapidity with what agriculture declined in the state.

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12. Sawfish are shark-like fish have “saws” of cartilage set with two rows of teeth on their snouts.

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13. Free nitrogen is chemically inert and combines with other elements only since very high temperatures or pressures.

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14. Physiologically, the period of adolescence is marked by active growth, especially in the skeletal and muscular systems and in a certain vascular tissues.

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15. Hoocer Dam in Nevada is a multipurpose structure that provides flood control, hydroelectric powerful , and drinking and irrigation water .

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16. In many areas of the world, people need clothing for protection the weather.

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17. Depending on many factors, including climate, mineral content of the soil, and the permanency of surface water, wetlands may be mossy, grassy, or covering with shrubs or trees.

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18. Each stanza of a poem has a repeatable pattern of meter and rhyme and is normally division from the following stanza by a blank line.

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19. Many narcotic plants and its products, such as nicotine, are effective in controlling insects.

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20. Before the formation of labor unions, individual workers had almost not voice in determining their wages, hours, or working conditions

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21. Canada is made up of ten provinces and two territories, with governmental powers being divided between the federal government or the provinces.

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22. Yogurt contains a higher percentage of lactic acid than another fermented milks, and it is rich in B-complex vitamins.

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23. Materials that of clay are among the most ancient manufactured articles and have played a vital role in human civilization.

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24. The term “metabolism” refers to the chemical changes which by living things transform food into energy.

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25. Common salt occurs naturally in pure, solidly form as the mineral halite and in widely distributed deposits of rock, or mineral, salts.

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