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1. Settlers streamed into Connecticut River towns in so large numbers between 1765 and 1790 that they nearly doubled the population of Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

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2. During first ten years of the Space Age, which began in 1957, more than 500 artificial satellites were rocketed into orbit around the Earth.

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3. Nineteenth-century United States artist John La Farge was the premier interior designer of his time , receiving commissions for church interiors, private houses, and mural .

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4. The light produced by lasers is in general far more monochromatic, powerfully , and coherent than that from any other light source .

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5. The United States Social Security Act, enacted in 1935, contained three major programs a retirement fund, unemployment insurance, and welfare grants for local distribute .

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6. The round, hard-shelled nuts of the macadamia tree grow in clusters and are covered with husks what split when the nuts are ripe .

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7. In microphotography, processes photographic are used to reproduce text or illustrations on film in size srequiring magnification for reading or viewing them.

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8. Of all the elements in the Earth's crust, oxygen is known to be the more common.

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9. Fats and fixed oils are greasy or waxy substance that ill their pure state are normally tasteless, colorless, and odorless.'

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10. Advertising's primary objective is to presell a product, that is , to convince consumers to purchase an item before they are actually see and inspect it.

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11. Harbors are protected areas of water that can be used the transfer of passengers and cargo between ships shore.

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12. Four different types of remembering are ordinarily distinguished by psychologists: recollection, recall, recognize , and relearning.

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13. In 1899 Mary Elizabeth Brown donated hers collection of over 200 musical instruments to the Metropolitan Museum of art.

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14. In Connecticut, hundreds of houses dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are preserved by more as 100 local or national historical societies.

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15. The able of writers to precisely record observations made about others enables them to include in their work a great deal of material outside their own experience.

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16. In the early nineteenth century, the Cherokee nation of American Indians was adopted a written constitution based on that of the United States.

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17. Geometric figures first appeared more than 15,000 years ago in both practically and decorative forms, such as shapes of buildings,cavepaintings, and decorations on pottery.

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18. Scientists have traditionally classified plants by grouping them according to similarities in their overall appear , their internal structure, and the form of their reproductive organs.

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19. Researchers have found subtle neurological differences between the brains of men and women either in physical structure and in the way they function.

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20. The Medicare program was established in 1965 to helping elderly United States citizens pay the increasing cost of health care

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21. Music involves the interaction of three elements : rhythm, melodic , and harmony.

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22. It may be argued that genetics, the study of heredity and variation, underwent the most rapid development of any science biological in the twentieth century.

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23. The federal system of government in Canada is similar to it of the United States.

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24. The Spanish claiming title to all of North America and established the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida, in 1565.

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25. Fog and mist, like clouds, can formed only in the presence of dust particles .

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