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1. Some insects bear a remarkable resemblance to dead twigs, being long, slenderness , wingless, and brownish in color .

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2. Early European settlers in North America used medicines they made from plants native to treat colds, pneumonia, and ague, an illness similar to malaria.

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3. Volcanism occurs on Earth in several geological setting , most of which are associated with the boundaries of the enormous , rigid plates that make up the lithosphere.

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4. One of the problems of United States agriculture that has persisted during the 1920’s until the present day is the tendency of farm income to lag behind the costs of production .

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5. George Gershwin was an American composer whose concert works joined the sounds of jazz with them of traditional orchestration.

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6. A number of the American Indian languages spoken at the time of the European arrival in the New World in the late fifteen century have become extinct.

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7. Many flowering plants benefit of pollination by adult butterflies and moths.

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8. Faults in the Earth’s crust are most evidently in sedimentary formations , where they interrupt previously continuous layers.

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9. As secretary of transportation from 1975 to 1977, William Coleman worked to help the bankrupt railroads in the northeastern United States solved their financial problems.

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10. The notion that students are not sufficiently involved in their education is one reason for the recently surge of support for undergraduate research.

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11. With the incorporation of jazz history into current academic curricula, leading jazz musicians are now founding on the faculties of several universities.

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12. The thin outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis, while the layer inner , which is slightly thicker, is called the dermis.

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13. Ballads were early types of poetry and may have been among a first kinds of music .

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14. By 1860 the railroads of the United States had 3,000 miles of track , three-quarters of which it was east of the Mississippi River and north of the Ohio River.

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15. During the 1940’s science and engineering had an impact on the way music reach its audience and even influenced the way in which it was composed.

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16. Plants range in size to tiny, single-celled, blue-green algae, invisible to the naked eye, to giant sequoias, the largest living plants.

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17. The ease of solving a jigsaw puzzle depends the number of pieces, their shapes and shadings , and the design of the picture.

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18. Dentistry is a branch of medicine that has developed very dramatic in the last twenty years.

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19. Rabbits have large front tooth , short tails, and hind legs and feet adapted for running and jumping .

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20. Faced with petroleum shortages in the 1970’s, scientists and engineers in the United States stepped up its efforts to develop more efficient heating systems and better insulation.

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21. Two unique features of the Arctic they are lack of precipitation and permanently frozen ground.

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22. Although apples do not grow during the cold season, apple trees must have a such season in order to flourish .

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23. A great aviation pioneer , Amelia Earhart was already famous when she sets out on her ill-fated attempt to circle the globe in 1937.

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24. Paint must be stirred and sometimes dilution before it is applied.

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25. The antique collector must be able to distinguish real antiques from later imitations , which can be either reproductions nor fakes.

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